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John H. Patterson

John H. Patterson

1884 - John H. Patterson founded the National Cash Register Company, maker of the first mechanical cash registers.

1893 - NCR opened the first sales training school.

1906 - Charles F. Kettering designed the first electric motor-powered cash register.

1914 - NCR developed one of the first automated credit systems.

1926 - NCR became publicly owned.

1952 - NCR acquired Computer Research Corporation (CRC), of Hawthorne, Calif., which produced a line of digital computers with applications in aviation.

1953 - NCR established the Electronics Division to continue to pursue electronic applications for business machines.

1957 - NCR announced first fully transistorized business computer, the NCR 304.

1968 - NCR's John L. Janning perfected liquid crystal displays (LCD).

First barcode scanner, 1970s

First barcode scanner, 1970s

1974 - Company changed its name to NCR Corporation.

1974 - NCR commercialized first bar code scanners.

1982 - The first NCR Tower supermicrocomputer system was launched, establishing NCR as a pioneer in bringing industry standards and open systems architecture to the computer market.

1991 - NCR acquired by AT&T.

1991 - NCR purchased Teradata Corporation, acquiring its advanced and unique commercial parallel processing technology. NCR Teradata becomes the world's most proven and powerful database for data warehousing.

1994 - NCR name changed to AT&T Global Information Solutions (GIS).

1995 - AT&T announced spin-off of AT&T GIS by the end of 1996.

1996 - AT&T GIS changed its name back to NCR Corporation in anticipation of being spun-off to AT&T shareholders by January 1997, as an independent, publicly-traded company.

1997 - Signaling its evolution from a hardware-only company to a full solutions provider, NCR purchased Compris Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of store automation and management software for the food-service industry, and Dataworks, a company that develops check-processing software.

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1998 - NCR finalized the transfer and sale of their computer hardware manufacturing assets to Solectron, confirming NCR's commitment to concentrate on the market-differentiated software and services components of their solutions portfolios.

2000 - NCR acquired CRM provider Ceres Integrated Solutions and services company 4Front Technologies, deepening NCR's solutions offerings in key markets.

NCR Headquarters, 2009

NCR Headquarters, 2009

2003 - NCR granted patent for signature capture.

2005 - Following the successful 2004 acquisition of travel self-service leader Kinetics, NCR further strengthens its self-service portfolio by acquiring Galvanon, a leading provider of solutions for the health care industry.

2007 - NCR separated into two companies through the spin-off of the Teradata Data Warehousing business.

2009 - NCR establishes its new corporate headquarters in Duluth, Ga.

2010 - NCR introduces industry?s first mixed media deposit ATMs (SDM)

2011 - NCR completes $1 billion acquisition of Radiant Systems, expanding NCR?s presence in the hospitality and specialty retail spaces.

2012 - NCR launches NCR Silver, a cloud-based point of sale system for small businesses

New NCR Headquarters

New NCR Headquarters

2013 - NCR completes $650 million acquisition of Retalix, adding innovative retail software and services.

2014 - NCR completes $1.65 billion acquisition of Digital Insight, providing a market-leading SaaS platform to help banks transform their physical and digital business models.

 2015 - NCR holds the official groundbreaking for a new state-of-the-art world headquarters that inspires innovation and attracts top talent.



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Over 830,000 of the world's 3.1 million ATMs are NCR machines.