Booming self-service market has biometrics and contactless to thank

The global market for self-service technology in the banking sector looks set to explode over the coming years, according to research that indicates the direction of the industry through...

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Tags: ATM / biometrics / Contactless / fingerprint / mobile atm withdrawals / near field communication / NFC / self-service

ATM malware risks on the rise?

There have been a series of malware attacks on ATMs worldwide that highlights the growing threat when devices are not properly protected.

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Tags: ATM fraud / ATM Malware / ATM protection

A bright future for checks?

In the wake of mobile banking many predict the death of the check, but can this traditional payment method survive the onslaught of modern technology?

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Tags: Check truncation / Checks / cheque / mobile banking / remote desposit capture

Card Skimming: The ATM fraud that just won’t go away?

Despite extensive efforts so far, card skimming remains a big problem for banks and financial institutions.

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Tags: ATM fraud / atm security / card mag strips / Card Skimming / EMV

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Stanz Foodservice Extends Ordering Capabilities to Mobile Channel with NCR Software

NCR Power Mobile integrates with existing supply chain software to help Stanz improve its customers’ productivity, accuracy and speed DULUTH, Ga., August 25, 2015 — NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, today announced that Stanz Foodservi...

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How EMV affects you--and your favorite restaurant

EMV is coming to America…and it’s going to change how you pay with a credit or debit card and how your favorite restaurant takes your payment. If you received a card from your bank with a silver or gold microchip in the left-hand corner, you are the proud owner of an EMV-enabled smartca...

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