Three uses for cash that will never be completely be replaced

The financial technology industry would be unwise to ignore the rise of mobile transaction services, person-to-person networks and the whole range of digital disruption in the payments arena from...

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Tags: access to cash / cash circulation

Why the ATM’s dispenser is key to satisfying Middle East and Africa’s demand for cash

Core technology in the ATM, such as the ATM's dispenser, is needed to help lower costs for financial Institutions to serve consumers effectively.

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Tags: Africa banking / ATM / cash dispenser / middle east banking / unbanked

ATMs drive India’s branch transformation process

In India, branch transformation is being driven by new technology and developments in the ATM space that is creating fresh channels for customers to engage with their bank.

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Tags: ATM / branch transformation / mobile self-service / video teller

What’s the impact on ATMs of greater Middle East financial inclusion?

Financial inclusion is increasing rapidly around the world. The number of unbanked adults has fallen by 20 percent between 2011 and 2014.

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Tags: ATM / branches / cash management / financial inclusion / Middle East / unbanked

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NCR Signals Massive Makeover to Banking with Highly Secure Cloud-Based ATM Software Platform

NCR’s Kalpana™ software transforms the ATM channel, introducing ground-breaking security designed to eliminate malware and reduce total cost of ownership by up to 40% DULUTH, Ga., April 15, 2015 — NCR today introduced the biggest change to the way an ATM operates since the self-servi...

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NCR speaks the language of innovation

NCR is a truly global company with offices in 180 countries all over the world, so our employees speak many different languages and dialects. But each of us shares a lingua franca: Innovation. This common vocabulary and approach is the foundation for all we do. From the beginning, NCR ha...

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NCR owns approximately 1,450 patents in the U.S. and numerous other patents in foreign countries.