EMV at the ATM: More reasons to migrate

MasterCard liability will shift to the ATM deployer starting in October 2016, while Visa liability will shift in October 2017

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EMV in action: Canada’s card fraud tumbles

If we look to Canada, we can see how the arrival of EMV technology greatly reduces, if not quite eliminates, losses from skimming.

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Why the convergence of cash and cashless based society is the future

Despite the push on the cashless society, there are still around 174 Million cash withdrawals at Swedish ATMs each year (Volume) and $24 Billion USD (Value) in cash withdrawals...

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New bank malware “rolls back” ATM transactions

Security experts are warning of a new breed of “remarkably clever” bank malware that lets criminals take over key transaction systems in order to make ATM transactions look like...

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New NCR Channel Management Software Makes Daily ATM Cash and Transaction Balancing Easier for Bank Operations Staff

  Helps financial institutions decrease risk and increase consumer satisfaction with improved transparency and automation DULUTH, Ga., April 18, 2016 – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, today introduced new software to help financi...

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Tokenization momentum looks unstoppable

Tokenization promises to be a defining trend in payments as the industry seeks to boost security across the ecosystem and momentum behind the approach is steadily gathering pace. Interac, the Canadian debit network, has just announced it will make digital payments more secure with the la...

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