The convenience of the drive-up teller and ATM

Drive-up or drive-thru ATMs are available everywhere across the US, and they are now even finding their way into new markets like the UK.

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Payments 2016: Smooth sailing for Apple Pay or rocky road ahead?

Apple hailed 2015 as the “year of Apple Pay.” The year witnessed the launch of the system in the UK and its growth in the US.

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Tags: android pay / apple pay / google pay / mobile payments / payments / payments imaging / payments processing

Payments 2016: Blockchain comes of age

While it is possible that the Bitcoin may not succeed in the long-term as a cryptocurrency, it is the technology behind it – the blockchain – that is the...

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Tags: Bitcoin / blockchain / payments processing

Slaying seven myths about ISO 20022

Here’s a look at seven ISO 20022 myths, as set out by NACHA - the National Automated Clearing House.

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MERKUR Rolls Out NCR Self-Checkouts and Software

MERKUR to deploy NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout solutions in 45 of its supermarkets in 2016, making it the first supermarket chain in the region to fully embrace self-checkout technology Augsburg, Germany – February 3, 2016 – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consu...

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The Internet has been RECALLED – are you safe?

Do you lock your car? If there were a recall on your car locks, would you take it to the dealership to be fixed? I know I would – especially if anyone could gain access. Well the Internet has the equivalent of a recall. The security of Internet communications has a flaw that could allow a...

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