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Protecting your ATM – what do you need to know?

ATMs provide convenient self-service options for consumers and can boost financial inclusion across markets and locations that have limited access to branches.

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Tags: ATM / atm security / Card Skimming / retail banking

Are banks overconfident when it comes to spotting breaches?

A report shows that breaches within the banking, credit and financial sectors nearly doubled between 2014 and 2015.

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Tags: Fraud / Security

How to: Leverage the Aloha Platform to Enable Omni-Channel Experiences

Welcome to an omni-channel world. While it’s highly likely that your guests aren’t asking for it by name, they are expecting an omni-channel experience whenever they interact with your...

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Tags: Aloha POS / platform of sale / point of sale / POS System

EMV in the US: Where have we gotten to?

What has been the effect of the October 2015 milestone when liability for fraud on purchases made in store shifted from issuers to merchants where retailers have failed to...

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Tags: EMV / Fraud / payments

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Wells Fargo and NCR Collaborate to Drive Retail Banking Innovation

Wells Fargo to tap dedicated NCR R&D resources for reimagined ATM and banking store customer experiences DULUTH, Ga. – July 20, 2016 – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) today announced a collaboration agreement with Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) to drive unparalleled consumer innovation and ...

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More Mobile Myths Debunked: What’s Keeping Restaurants from Implementing Mobile Guest Engagement in their Operations?

Previously, we explored some of the “myths” surrounding mobile guest engagement, and how these myths can sometimes impact operators’ strategies, particularly in rationalizing why they aren’t implementing a mobile guest engagement solution presently. After digging deeper, however, it...

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