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Get Ready Retailers: The FDA Now Considers You a Restaurant

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration announced that chain restaurants, grocery stores and other retailers that sell prepared foods will be given an extra year to comply with federal...

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Financial inclusion poses challenges for ATM models

Building financial inclusion offers a clear set of gains for banks. More people with accounts, paying bills, saving, buying mortgages - it’s generally good news for traditional financial institutions

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Tags: ATM / cash management / financial inclusion / unbanked / underbanked

ATM running costs are key to driving financial inclusion

Financial inclusion is a hot topic, with efforts regionally and globally shaping up to increase access to banking services. The latest World Bank report showed a 20 percent drop...

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Tags: ATM running costs / ATM total cost of ownership / Kaplana / thin client ATM / unbanked / underbanked

It’s personal! NCR tailors your shopping experience

NCR has been innovating the shopping experience since 1884 when we introduced the cash register that displayed the transaction total and printed a receipt so a customer had a...

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NCR Announces Key Milestones and Progress on State-of-the-Art World Headquarters Campus in Midtown Atlanta

Consumer transaction technologies leader anchors effort to establish the City of Atlanta, State of Georgia and University System of Georgia as premier tech hub on the East Coast ATLANTA, July 15, 2015 – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies...

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Four Key Elements for Your Omnichannel Experience

Today, retailers are seeking solutions that provide them with greater readiness to operate in an omnichannel environment. For retailers, omnichannel retailing is all about the ability to quickly and efficiently meet consumer demands, while strategically planning ahead to quickly adapt to th...

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