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Cash use and the ATM – Going from strength to strength

Consumer demands are changing along with their preferences, expectations and demographics. Still though the ATM install base continues to grow.

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Tags: atm usage / ATM withdrawal / cash usage / cash withdrawal

Innovation Series: How NCR processes and protects your transactions

Merchants and card networks around the world use the NCR Payment Suite, consisting of Authentic and Fractals solutions, to process and safeguard financial transactions.

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Tags: authentic / Fractals / Payment Suite

The vital role of the ATM on Black Friday

On Black Friday, consumers will use a variety of payment methods -- credit, debit cards, mobile phones and online bill pay. Still, the ATM plays a vital role.

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Tags: ATM / black Friday / cash management / mobile banking / payments fraud / retail payments

Who suffers most from false positives?

False positives in payments are a growing problem - arguably bigger than fraud itself.

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Tags: card false positive / card fraud / credit card fraud / credit card processing / credit card security / EMV

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NCR, Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Tech students partner to brighten Bellwood Boys & Girls Club

150+ employees, athletes and students to paint murals, plant and build picnic tables DULUTH, Ga., September 29, 2015 – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, is excited to partner today with hometown customer, the Atlanta Falcons and future n...

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How EMV affects you--and your favorite restaurant

EMV is coming to America…and it’s going to change how you pay with a credit or debit card and how your favorite restaurant takes your payment. If you received a card from your bank with a silver or gold microchip in the left-hand corner, you are the proud owner of an EMV-enabled smartca...

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