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Ignore Remote Deposit Capture risks at your peril

Mobile remote deposit capture (RDC) is more popular than ever, with one in seven Americans using this method to deposit a check in the last year, but are consumers...

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Tags: Check Fraud / credit card fraud / EMV / RDC / remote deposit capture

An EMV Education: How educating your restaurant staff can minimize operational slowdowns

In our last post, we identified the ways EMV adoption can cause a slowdown for your restaurant’s operations. EMV’s chip card technology does provide a safer way for consumers...

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Tags: EMV / EMV education / EMV training / restaurant operations / staff education

Are EMV cards vulnerable at the ATM?

EMV cards are much more secure than traditional mag stripe cards when it comes to counterfeiting.

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Tags: ATM fraud / card fraud / card shimming / Card Skimming / EMV

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NCR, Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Tech students partner to brighten Bellwood Boys & Girls Club

150+ employees, athletes and students to paint murals, plant and build picnic tables DULUTH, Ga., September 29, 2015 – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, is excited to partner today with hometown customer, the Atlanta Falcons and future n...

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How EMV affects you--and your favorite restaurant

EMV is coming to America…and it’s going to change how you pay with a credit or debit card and how your favorite restaurant takes your payment. If you received a card from your bank with a silver or gold microchip in the left-hand corner, you are the proud owner of an EMV-enabled smartca...

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