• Author, manage, update and maintain the Master Agreement as well as provide amendments for any changes and additional sites/parts to be serviced with as much notice as possible
  • Take the first call from the customer, diagnose the issue, and determine if on-site service is required
  • Provide dispatching, equipment management, escalation, and billing procedures to our ASPs; this will provide our ASPs with the tools needed for smooth execution of dispatches
  • Authorization to perform service and any pertinent authorization updates will be provided by NCR to eligible ASPs; authorization and updates include but are not limited to mandatory webinars, client web posts, RTS Documents, and alert bulletins
  • An ASP hotline will be provided for technicians to log arrival and completion time and receive technical support throughout the duration of the call as needed
  • RTS documentation will be provided for all complex hardware the ASP will be replacing
  • The NCR Dispatch Center will serve as the primary escalation point for all issues
  • NCR will have the responsibility and ownership of managing the client relationship; ASPs should consult with the Dispatch Center immediately on any situations outside standard operating procedure
  • Coordinate and communicate delivery of all parts to site and provide return mailing labels to ASP; ASP will usually be responsible for proper repackaging and delivery of parts to shipping facility
  • Compensate ASP for services billed to NCR or dispute items billed in a timely manner


Authorized Service Partners:

  • Provide on-site labor at a remedial maintenance level and technical services for the computer hardware of NCR and its clients
  • Provide support for NCR hardware during contracted SLAs including nights, weekends, and holidays (2-hour escalated service, 4-hour response, NBD, and NCD)
  • Own and carry standard tools and test devices used in troubleshooting and repair of computer hardware
  • Have working knowledge of RTS Documentation, replacement process, and NCR-branded parts
  • Comply with the NCR dispatching process including responding to pages in a given time, providing periodic status updates to NCR as needed, and closing the call with NCR prior to departing any site
  • Arrive on site, meet the client, and perform the repair while maintaining a professional demeanor and image
  • Perform hardware maintenance services according to NCR’s established Service Levels for the client
  • On-Site services including but not limited to full unit parts replacement, cabling, mount and bracket repairs, troubleshooting, and testing related to returning the hardware to service
  • Obtain Work Order # from NCR for each trip to site
  • Pack and deliver the RMA'd parts to the shipping facility within 5 days of completing the maintenance service; label the box with the return label (provided by NCR) and with the RMA number clearly showing on the outside of the box
  • Inform the NCR Dispatch Center as soon as possible when a service call is determined to be beyond standard scope of contract
  • Confidentially notify the NCR Dispatch Center if hardware replacement has been caused due to lightning strike, flood, user abuse, or accidental physical damage