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Everyday Different

NCR is a diverse business with 29,000 people in over 180 locations. Naturally, each workplace is different but, wherever in the world you join us, there are some shared values and common goals: a certain NCR way of working. These are the main reasons people are attracted to join us…

Because we value ideas
We have a history of firsts. The first cash register. The first fully transistorized business computer. The first self-service check-in. We pioneered satellite transmission for data, signature capture and self checkout. We invented microencapsulation technology and the LCD screen.

Today NCR holds around 2500 patents globally and we’re still working at the leading edge of technology. If you have ideas and you like to work at pace, you’ll be in your element here.

Because we care
NCR started life as a family business in Dayton, Ohio. In 1893, James Patterson constructed the first factory buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows, to let in light and fresh air. He also established the USA’s first sales training school and introduced a comprehensive social welfare program for his factory workers.

We like to think that more than 125 years later, despite our huge growth, we’ve retained some of those values.

Because we’re dynamic
We’re never satisfied with the status quo; always working to make things easier and more exceptional. Always ready to adapt.

Wherever there are transactions, there’s a market for our products . So as well as exploring the new possibilities in established markets, we’re pioneering ideas in growing economies. Either way, it brings fresh challenges and great development opportunities for our people.

The only limit is your ambition and imagination. Bring us your energy and ideas today and we’ll give you every opportunity to grow with us in future.

Because we’re customer focused
Our people love pleasing our customers and, whatever role you take on here, you’ll have a part to play in that. It’s great to feel that your customers trust you to deliver on your promises and to know that you’re recommending the very best products and services.

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Meet Our People

We asked our people to tell us what makes everyday amazing.

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Our Rewards and Benefits

We’ve made sure our rewards package measures up to attract the best

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Learning and Development

Everyday is a chance to learn at NCR.

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Military Veterans

Military veterans are seizing the opportunity to continue to make a difference in their careers with NCR.

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Experience a career with coworkers in over 65 countries and a company that values the differences of each individual.